On the Right Side of History

I was interviewed by Sarah Bell and this is an excerpt from the amazing article that she wrote that came out of it. I’m forever grateful to anyone who helps us to raise awareness to the climate crisis:

“Here in Northern Ireland, Youth Strike 4 Climate Belfast has been protesting at Cornmarket, Belfast since February 2019. Their passionate speeches and collective chanting can often be heard across the city centre. However, the Fridays For Future weekly strike served as a basis for the monthly protests and its importance is held up by one young woman called, Anna.

Anna took part in the NI Student’s Climate Network strike every month since May 2019 but felt as though she needed to take further action and founded Fridays For Future Belfast. Much like many young people, Anna is scared for her future and she believes, “If you are not scared, you are not educated enough on the topic.” Here, here Anna! She described how people have approached her in the midst of a protest yelling, “You should not be here, there is no Stormont, go back to school,” and she agrees. She wants to be at school on a Friday afternoon but feels she has to act like the adult as the people in power act like children. Her words echo Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN where, as she choked back tears, she said, “This is all wrong, I should not be here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean.” The news stories surrounding Greta’s activism inspired Anna to get involved with school strikes. Now each and every Friday, come rain or shine, she protests at Cornmarket proudly bearing a sign which reads, ‘Children Of The Revolution’. Anna is not old enough to vote, so striking felt like the only feasible way to attract media attention to the Climate Crisis and encourage adults to wake up to it.

Last Friday I saw how Anna held a solo protest in the pouring rain and I felt as though she deserved a lot more recognition. If you want to get involved in the Fridays For Future strikes you can join her every Friday, or attend the next Global Climate Strike on Friday 29th November at Cornmarket from 12pm to 3pm. Anna encourages young people to, “Go to one strike and experience the community spirit, the hope and the sense of power.” I myself was a part of the Global Climate Strike on Friday 20th September and I truly felt like we were a force to be reckoned with, so I can only agree. Anna appreciates any support for the Fridays For Future protests, whether you join or simply share her message via social media, it is always welcomed. You can find the Fridays For Future Instagram page at @fridaysforfuturebelfast, on Twitter at @belfastfff and the wider group at @FridaysForFuture. Young people are the future and never doubt that we will make a change.”

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