January Strike Speech

Hi, I’m anna kernahan and I’m a climate activist with Fridays for future. Everyone standing here today is unique but we are all united together in a wonderful community by our passion for nature.

Back in 2018 the best available science told us that we had to be carbon neutral in the UK by 2030, but our emissions are still rising. It’s now 2020. all that time has been wasted and our children will pay the price of that. Not in money but in their lives.

It’s now 2020. We are just continuing on with our everyday lives while our siblings in Australia are being burned and in Jakarta they’re being drowned. How much longer will we continue to be so selfish that we refuse to act until the suffering is on our doorstep? These disasters are merely a reflection of our lives a mere few years down the line.

It’s now 2020. The climate crisis is no longer a problem for future generations to deal with. We are that generation and we refuse to let our future burn away.

I know that standing here today will not automatically solve the climate crisis but we are getting noticed. We are raising awareness. We are holding the newly reinstated Stormont accountable and we Will keep this pressure up for as long as this takes.

We are terrified by our uncertain future and angry at the people who have the power to help but are doing nothing. Never ever underestimate the power of a few scared, angry children. We are children of the revolution. Thank you

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