Are you the last 5 years? Because you’re the hottest on record

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate is there than to climate strike? My date this year will be planet earth! Join me at the youthstrike4climate Belfast strike at the spirit of Belfast statue in cornmarket from 12-3pm where I’ll be striking instead of my usual FridaysForFuture solo strike.

There will be chanting, singing, speeches, cake and so much more! Instead of our usual speeches talking about government inaction, mass extinctions and climate catastrophe, we will be highlighting the incredible progress that has been made in this fight for climate action and the wonders of the planet we live on. This time around, we’re focusing on the positives!

Our love for earth, however, is not the only thing we are celebrating- it’s the one year anniversary of NISCN. This week last year the first ever school strike for the climate in Northern Ireland was held, with barely 20 people back before I even knew climate strikes were a thing. Since then, we’ve achieved so much: climate emergency declarations, 7000 people strong marches, and built a family of climate activists who are strong and hopeful.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a THIRD reason for celebration this Friday. It’s the sixth month anniversary of FridaysForFuture strikes in Northern Ireland. It’s been six months since I founded fridaysforfuturebelfast. It’s been six months and I’m still alone. It’s been six months and nothing has really changed since that first day. Except one thing and that is that I have a tiny sliver of hope that has replaced the fear I felt on that first day. We are truly the children of the revolution and we will wake up the adults. Join me this Valentine’s Day for the most positive climate strike in history!


Spirit of Belfast statue

Friday 14th feb 2020


Be there.

One thought on “Are you the last 5 years? Because you’re the hottest on record

  1. Thanks for remembering to note the positives. There must be a balanced perspective, no matter what. Certainly there is much more to be done, but to forget about what has been accomplished risks leaving us all jaded and cynical. That won’t lead anywhere worthwhile.

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