Thoughts With Anna: Global Day Of Action Sept 25th

Thoughts With Anna Series, post 4

Friday the 25th of September 2020. 3200 places. Every continent including Antarctica. We did it again. Despite a global pandemic, we made our point clear and we made it loud. We are still here and we are not stopping until we are done. The fridays for future movement never fails to amaze me in what is done all over the world in increasingly imaginative and innovative ways. We had dancing for the climate in Russia as it’s illegal to strike, we had sign displays in Cork to represent strikers due to coronavirus and we had the most northerly school strike for the climate ever done in the Arctic. Yes, it was not the usual global strike, but we adapted. 

It was not all well received, however. Activists in places such as Uganda, Russia and China were arrested for participating in the global day of action. This is horrific and disgusting that young people would be arrested for using their voice and speaking up for the climate, but not surprising. We are making noise and it proves we are a threat to our current systems and that we are making changes in people’s mindsets towards the climate crisis. It just goes to show how far we have to go and in the western world; it can be easy to take our right to protest for granted. We have a responsibility here to use our privilege to uplift those most vulnerable such as BIPOC, those being targeted and those in MAPA. 

Reflecting on the global day of action more locally, the Belfast protest went a lot better than I thought it would in terms of turnout. Last friday I striked alone. This friday, there were around 30 people. Thank you to everyone who came! This was the largest climate strike that Fridays for Future Northern Ireland have ever organised. However, this means basically nothing. We didn’t achieve anything. We still are the only country in the UK with no climate act and our environment minister probably doesn’t even know we exist.

Although this sounds very pessimistic and negative, we are not going to stop anytime soon. We are in this long term. This is a marathon not a sprint. I know that it is the right thing to do and I know that it is not all for nothing. Just because we can’t see the change, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. I have very little optimism or hope when it comes to the climate and ecological crises but the small sliver of it that I have comes from the youth climate activists all over the world. We are done being nice about this. Fridays For Future have barely even started. This is just the beginning. See you next time. 

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I’m a youth climate justice activist from Ireland

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