Reviews With Anna: I Am Greta

A few weeks ago, I was one of the first people to watch the film I Am Greta, and I have been asked to review it. What can I say except wow? It was enlightening to see the beginnings of the Fridays For Future movement and it made me feel very hopeful seeing how far we have come in such a short space of time. It has grown from one small 15 year old girl on her own, to a global movement of millions taking to the streets on every continent including Antarctica. 

It was quite strange seeing someone I have met from such a different perspective. I know Greta as the person who sends the cutest dog stickers and won Erik’s Kahoot on his birthday zoom call, but seeing her as the person speaking at COP 24 and at the UN was incredibly inspiring and empowering. None of us would be where we are if she hadn’t catalysed climate movement by school striking. She has shown how you really can never be too small to make a difference and what true bravery looks like. Her strength and confidence is astounding and I am so proud. 

This film really gives people an insight into how much of a responsibility it is to be a climate activist as a young person, and how much pressure we are put under because of the mess the previous generation created. It highlights the human aspect of being a teenager with climate anxiety that hasn’t been seen in mainstream media before now. This movie is for the young climate activists out there who will find it relatable, this movie is for the people who have never heard of Fridays For Future to get inspired and this movie is for the climate deniers to see what the reality is. This film is very important. It shows the journey of a girl who loves her dogs and her family, but is also the biggest celebrity of the century. This film is raw, it’s real and it’s relatable. If you’re going to watch any movie this year, make it I Am Greta.

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Published by Anna Kernahan

I’m a youth climate justice activist from Ireland

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