Thoughts With Anna: Earth Day 2021

Today, Earth has made headlines all over the world. For the last 24 hours, people have cared about the place we call home and raised awareness of the crisis we are currently facing. This is one day out of three hundred and sixty five and a quarter. The fact that the climate crisis can dominate the news like this makes me feel hopeful that it is possible for it to become general knowledge, but simultaneously frustrated that its just one day. Planet earth deserves more. We are destroying Her yet all we give Her is one measly celebratory day per year and then we go back to normal the day after anyway?

Earth day is proof that we can change, but tomorrow we need to sustain this momentum. We need those headlines to return time and time again. We need the media to treat this like the crisis it is- when sport and trends gets more headlines than the destruction of ecosystems then we can’t expect the general public to want to change. The work isn’t done once the clock strikes midnight- the climate crisis will still be here.

We all have a responsibility as residents on this planet. We must hold the people in power accountable. We must prove that we will not back down from this, going back to not talking about earth tomorrow is simply not an option.

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