Thoughts with Anna: Next Global Strike

We will be joining the many locations across the world who are participating in the Global Strike on the 24th of September. The true power of protests comes from the people. We need you, in any form you please. There’s not a single role that cannot be filled. From showing up on that Friday to painting signs to handing coffee to making graphics on social media to writing articles for newspapers to emailing politicians, there’s no excuse not to get involved in some shape or form. 

We must show NI Assembly that we will not take no for an answer. We refuse to sit quietly and watch the climate crisis happen in blissful ignorance. Every single person, including you reading this, is a valuable asset to our movement. If we do nothing the destruction will continue to increase exponentially until the 6th mass extinction becomes completely irreversible. We have already caused countless species to become extinct and we are dragging ourselves down with them. The sooner action is taken, the less severe the damage. This global Strike is pivotal. We don’t have time to wait until the next one. See you on the streets. 

“The sooner action is taken, the less severe the damage.”

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