COP26 With Anna: Day 2

I wrote this while at COP26 and am publishing them now with no edits after the fact. I hope it gives some insight, whether that’s emotional or educational. At the time of writing, I wasn’t planning for anyone to read it so it’s not packed full of facts or quotes as my blog posts would usually be. I write my journal as though I’m talking to someone. an unknown entity. I’ve never known who. This is educational more from a personal perspective rather than from an environmental one. It’s proof that climate activists are human beings with human emotions, which I feel is often forgotten about in the media.

“Today, Kay, who is another Fridays for Future activist from Northern Ireland, arrived in Glasgow and I met her at the bus station. We went straight towards a protest happening but as we went to cross a bridge, an Extinction Rebellion protest was blocking our way. 

We joined it of course. Hearing the beautiful singing and feeling the powerful beat of the samba band in our chests made me feel a strange kind of fearful hope. I have very little hope when it comes to the climate crisis. We have heard empty promises too many times to trust that the ones coming out of COP26 will be any different. 

However, among all of these incredible people, you can feel the power emulating from the crowd. You can feel the collective waves of adrenaline coursing through each one of us and that’s the point in a protest when I feel like we might just make a difference. There is power in the people on the streets, protests do put pressure on the world leaders and protests are a vital part of uprooting a system that so desperately needs uprooted. 

We eventually made it to the original protest we had been heading towards and it was brilliant to see Fridays for Future members I hadn’t seen in years and feel the solidarity that we have despite mainly communicating online due to the global nature of the movement. 

The day ended with a meeting with Fridays for future international to discuss our next steps. “

Published by Anna Kernahan

I’m a youth climate justice activist from Ireland

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