COP26 With Anna: Day 6 and 8

I wrote this while at COP26 and am publishing them now with no edits after the fact. I hope it gives some insight, whether that’s emotional or educational. At the time of writing, I wasn’t planning for anyone to read it so it’s not packed full of facts or quotes as my blog posts would usually be. I write my journal as though I’m talking to someone. an unknown entity. I’ve never known who. This is educational more from a personal perspective rather than from an environmental one. It’s proof that climate activists are human beings with human emotions, which I feel is often forgotten about in the media.

“This was the day of another march. As soon as kay and me arrived, there were people and placards and police there in their hundreds and by the end there were over 100,000. You could feel the collective anxiety and adrenaline pulsing through the crowd as we pushed through towards the youth block. Soon, it was too overwhelming and we left quite early due to sensory overload. Protests are painful, particularly when you’re neurodivergent. I’m still glad we were there for the start though, despite how overstimulating I found it as an Autistic person.”

“Today I was in the building. Obama was in the building too. We did an action around #ShowUsTheMoney because they pledged $100bn per year to the most affected countries by 2020 and ordered airstrikes/ military operations in 7 different countries.”

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Published by Anna Kernahan

I’m a youth climate justice activist from Ireland

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