Thoughts With Anna: Poisoned seas. Desertified land. Toxisied air. This sounds like a description of dystopia, yet it is our current reality.

Poisoned seas. Desertified land. Toxisied air. This sounds like a description of dystopia, yet it is our current reality. The science is crystal: we are in the sixth mass extinction event and it is our fault. We have a duty as homo sapiens to act in vicious love and with determination for the protection of our siblings in our species and of all species. We forget that amongst the myths of eternal economic growth to benefit the top 1%, they are just that: myths. There really is no planet B. We either go extinct and bring all living things down with us, or we fight for our lives. We need to acknowledge our war against life but we blissfully ignore the clear signs, as evidenced through the estimated population of indigenous people in the continent north of Mesoamerica in 1492 being 18 million but by 1890, this had plummeted to 228,000. The hopeful part is that this extinction is not yet inevitable- we can refuse to cooperate in this mindless act of ecocide and genocide, we can choose to rebel against corruption and colonialism and we can take the necessary action needed when facing an unprecedented global emergency that governments have failed to protect us from.

Most people don’t need to hear this lecture, and in fact, it would be patronizing for us in the UK to preach at them as they have been dealing with the consequences of our actions for decades. We act in solidarity with indigenous communities and those on the front lines of the climate crisis today. This fight is already being led by women and people of colour, and these people who have been displaced and are currently dying have been trying to warn us for years. We are working under a struggling, exhausted, broken system, and there’s not just one problem to fix. This is the largest and most intersectional crisis humanity will ever have to face and it is caused by capitalism, colonialism, power, greed, and corruption. It is a failure to materialise or even conceptualise any alternative to our current reality.

The UK is the biggest fossil fuel subsidiser in Europe. Our current political systems have led us to the brink of ecological disaster. The people in power do not want to change because of the economic benefit, so much so that 4 environmental defenders a week are killed in the Global South. We need a decentralised, socially just transition from our current way of life. Our illegal acts against the physical world are symptoms of our deep-rooted issues around social and inter-generational justice. We cannot merely focus on the facts and the science, however important these things are, because this crisis is much bigger than that. Humans have manipulated over 51% of land from forest and grassland to crops and cities which has caused topsoil to be lost 10 to 40 times faster than it can be naturally replenished, 30% of global arable land is now unproductive due to soil erosion and since the 1970s, our insect population has fallen by 60%. These facts are clear and indisputable.

The UK government must know that we are watching them and we are holding them accountable. We won’t let them fill us with empty promises that they wont fulfil once they get the votes. We are looking for them to listen to the science while ensuring equity and climate justice. Now is not the time for political games and power play, this is people’s lives. The longer we wait to act, the more irreversible the damage will be.

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