Poem 07

Metallic yellow tattooed across the skyline, Concealing old conflict from tourist's prying eyes. Tales of giants and leprechauns, Tales of kneecapping and pipe bombs. Pretty art made for Instagrammers to post, Reminders of hardship and loss for most. Memorials to stand and pose beside, Memorials that help us grieve with pride. 20 years on from … Continue reading Poem 07

Poem 13

(Originally published for The Bee Boxes) For me,  Conforming to an allistic society feels as if my brain and yours are Diverging parallels, Contrasting wavelengths, Contradicting perspectives.  Like thoughts hanging off branches, Forcefully picked Instead of naturally falling. Coerced to conform  To unspoken standards, And unseen scripts.  With time all the thoughts are taken, with … Continue reading Poem 13