SECA Conference

Myself and Kay school spoke at the SECA Conference today, which is in reference to QUB Sustainability. This is a copy of my section of our speech. QUB refuse to declare a climate emergency because it is seen as controversial, but we were reiterating how science is fact and therefore cannot be controversial. - Hello, … Continue reading SECA Conference

Poem 13

(Originally published for The Bee Boxes) For me,  Conforming to an allistic society feels as if my brain and yours are Diverging parallels, Contrasting wavelengths, Contradicting perspectives.  Like thoughts hanging off branches, Forcefully picked Instead of naturally falling. Coerced to conform  To unspoken standards, And unseen scripts.  With time all the thoughts are taken, with … Continue reading Poem 13

Thoughts With Anna: Global Day Of Action Sept 25th

Thoughts With Anna Series, post 4 Friday the 25th of September 2020. 3200 places. Every continent including Antarctica. We did it again. Despite a global pandemic, we made our point clear and we made it loud. We are still here and we are not stopping until we are done. The fridays for future movement never … Continue reading Thoughts With Anna: Global Day Of Action Sept 25th

Thoughts with Anna: Is NI Assembly’s Obsession With Cycle Lanes Ableist/Classist?

Politicians in Northern Ireland are completely and utterly obsessed with cycle lanes. Don't get me wrong, I am all for more cycle lanes and if there was a bike rack to safely store my bike at school, I would ride my bike a lot more. However, this is one of the only solutions given when the topic of climate action is raised. Maybe I'm too radical, but cycle lanes won't 'solve' the climate crisis. We also have to stop emitting.