Thoughts with Anna: NI Fracking Hypocrisy

Why is talking about fracking in Northern Ireland overdue? It’s already banned in Scotland and Ireland, and halted with a moratorium in England and Wales. But not here. Here, its being considered in 2 sites.

Photo by François Dvorak

The hypocrisy of Stormont is staggering. In February 2020 they voted to declare a climate emergency and then in October 2020 they unanimously passed a cross-party motion to instigate a moratorium on petroleum licensing and drilling. Yet, petroleum licences are being considered around Lough Beg and in Fermanagh. This is being pushed ahead by Economy minister Diane Dodds and her department.

“The hypocrisy of Stormont is staggering.”

We have not forgotten about the climate emergency promises made by NI Assembly. The next global Strike is on the 24th of September and we are not going to make it easy for them. We are going to show NI Assembly what democracy looks like. Join us.

Cover image by George Steedman Jones

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